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Get Moving: Exercise Routines for Seniors

Get Moving: Exercise Routines for Seniors

Exercise should be an important part of everyone's routine, regardless of age. There are many benefits
to working out, as it helps with almost every function in the body. These benefits can also be helpful to
seniors, as exercise for seniors is especially important. When we become sedentary is when health
problems can occur in the body, so getting up and moving is critical. That being said, special care should
be taken for as you get older, as too much strain on the muscular-skeletal system can be damaging.
Below are some ideas on how to get moving in a safe way.


If you have not been exercising for a while, simply walking can be a great way to get started. Walking
can be a great workout that can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Start off small and
gradually work your way up to longer time or distances walked. South Florida offers many beautiful
places to walk, whether it be the beach, parks or even trails through your neighborhood.
At Allegiance Home Health, we understand that sometimes our patients need an extra motivator or a
walking partner to get moving. Our dedicated caregivers often go on walks with together with patients,
whether it be through the store or in a park.

Swimming/Pool Exercises

Swimming can be a great idea for exercise that works many of your muscles in a good range of motion.
Swimming is also very low-impact on your body, making it quite safe. Pool exercises act very much the
same way and can be a great way to get a safe workout. Head to your local pool for a great workout
that you could do daily.

Machine-based Strength Exercises

While machines and weights may seem somewhat intimidating, they can provide many great benefits
for you, such as increased strength and even stronger bones. That being said, you must use caution
when working with these machines. Start off with a light weight that you can manage easily. What is
great about machines is that typically they are a much safer alternative to free weights. Ask a trainer for
their advice on the best machines to achieve the results you’re looking for and follow their guidance on
how to safely use the machines.

In the end, exercise is important for everyone. Exercise for seniors is especially important, as your body
needs to keep moving. With Allegiance Home Health, you can be sure that your loved one will receive
customized care, including exercising and staying active together with their caregiver. For more
information, visit

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