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Healthy Eating and Home Health Care

With a new year comes new resolutions – many of which revolve around living a healthier lifestyle. As the years pass, it’s more and more apparent that healthy living starts with the foods we put into our bodies. Starting fresh can feel exciting and sometimes overwhelming, especially when it comes to adopting new and healthier eating habits. At Allegiance Home Health, we understand the importance of emphasizing a healthy diet in an overall care plan. Shopping for, preparing and cooking healthy foods is a large part of our care program. Believe it or not, the most frequent complaint that home care companies receive is based on cooking, which is why we always provide aides who will cook for our patients, with menus customized to their specific food requirements and preferences.

Customized Menu

Before we begin a care program, we discuss factors with our patients such as health requirements, basic essentials and food preferences. We first begin by asking questions relating to food favorites and routines, such as “What do you usually eat for breakfast?” and “What do you like having for lunch?” This helps our care providers to identify typical eating schedules, favorite foods and taste preferences as well as nutritional needs. We believe this helps ensure that the patients are receiving the necessary nutrients while tailoring a plan that will be easy for them, without too drastic of a change.


At times, it may feel difficult for patients to make necessary diet changes or additions to their daily menus. However, our qualified aides help make the transition smooth, with personalized care and customized menus that will satisfy their diet needs and desires. Our care providers will design a menu that is specific to the patient, and then learn to cook the same way they would cook for themselves, or their families would cook for them, so that they can enjoy their food without worrying about how everything has changed. It’s a small act, but it provides the stability and security they need.

Allegiance Home Health’s in-home nurses and certified nursing assistants specialize in providing individualized home health care with a warm and personal approach – and this extends to the comforts great meals provide. Food can bring people together, and the simple act of planning for and preparing a healthy meal together can give patients the familiar warmth of a wonderful meal prepared just for them. If you are interested in hiring an in-home care provider for your mother, father, or another loved one, call us today for a consultation and needs assessment. Finding and hiring the right caregiver for your loved one will give you peace of mind while providing your loved one with a caregiver who is committed, compassionate and dedicated to the highest standard of care. For more information on Allegiance Home Health and the customized services we provide, visit
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