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Home Health Care for Part-Time Florida Residents

As many northerners have discovered, Florida is a wonderful place to spend the winter months. However, an unexpected surgery, diagnosis of a chronic condition or injuries from a fall are just a few of the events that can derail plans to go south for the winter. Allegiance Home Health offers the solutions that allow seniors to continue to enjoy the best of both their worlds with in-home health care throughout the winters in Florida, and the option to have their caregiver travel back north with them. We specialize in personalized care and maintaining open lines of communication, helping seniors maintain their independence while receiving the assistance they need to stay healthy.  

Allegiance Home Health care is never a one-size-fits-all plan.  Part-time Florida residents and their families can rest assured that our dedicated nurses, caregivers, certified nursing assistants and aides implement individualized treatment plans for each client's unique situation. Ranging from 24/7 care to once a week visits, our team is equipped to deliver intravenous treatment, manage infection control and post-surgery care for seniors. In-home care service includes monitoring blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose and weight. When needed, our senior in home care nurses are able to draw blood, perform dialysis, administer vaccinations, insert and remove catheters and manage oxygen therapy. With access to all the latest diagnostic equipment, our in-home care options help ill or injured clients receive the care and/or treatment they need right in the comfort of their homes. Care is typically covered by either Medicare or private insurance, relieving one more concern.

At Allegiance, we understand that the comforts of home add a certain level of relaxation and security. Our in-home care plans include conversations, quality time, outings and meal planning and preparation. Sometimes these small acts can be as important as medicine to our clients.  Clients and caregivers often enjoy a wonderfully close, familial relationship. This is why many of our clients feel most comfortable continuing care with the caregivers they’ve established bonds with, and wish to have them travel back up north with them once the time comes.  This is possible because of our customized approach to care – our caregivers often travel north with clients.

Allegiance customizes their care to fit each patient’s unique needs and personality, resulting in better care, and happier - and healthier - patients. Allegiance pledges to help restore and maintain maximum comfort, function and health to its patients in the freedom of their own home while creating lifelong clients through the legendary service provided by caring and professional staff.

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