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November is National Home Care and Hospice Month

The month of November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. This is a time when those home health care workers who care for seniors in the safety and comfort of their own homes are honored and celebrated for their loving care and daily efforts.

An in-home caregiver can be an invaluable lifeline for seniors wishing to age in place as well as their family members who may be unable to handle all of the caregiving duties themselves. The use of senior in home care services allows elderly relatives to continue to reside in the homes that they are most comfortable in, making their quality of life much higher. They are surrounded by things they love and familiar people and objects, and they can eat the foods they are used to.

Those who work for an in home care service understand the need for patients to live out their years in their own environment, rather than in an assisted living facility or nursing home. The right home health care agency, such as Allegiance Home Health, will hire nurses, therapists, and home aides that are not only medically certified but are also compassionate, confident, and devoted caregivers who are passionate about their work and the patients they work with. Quality home care agencies provide compassionate senior home care, sometimes around the clock, to ensure that their clients are getting only the best services that can be provided. There are so many benefits to providing home health care to those we love.

These benefits include:

- More Family Involvement: When senior stays in his or her own home, family members are much more likely to live close by and visit often. Celebrations such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays can continue on as usual among family and friends. Relatives can easily take part in the care, transportation, and entertainment of their beloved family member.

- Personalized Care: An in home care service can and should provide personalized care. With senior home care, there is no strict schedule as there would be in a nursing home. The client can eat meals at times that they choose, go anywhere in the home that they desire, and even go outside to tend their own flowers or vegetables. The right home health care provider will participate in various activities with patients, including going on short walks, conversing about current events, preparing meals together, reading to them, and accompanying them when they leave the safety of their home.

- Familiar and Safe Environment: With the addition of in-home care services, the individual can stay within the walls that he or she knows and loves. There’s something to be said for being in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your favorite things.

- Privacy: Privacy is valuable. In home care allows for the maintenance of privacy, which can truly make a world of difference for a senior. Therapy, examinations, and administration of meds and treatments can be done discreetly, any health issues will continue to be personal and daily hygiene routines can be done in the privacy of one’s own bathroom without other residents or staff unexpectedly interrupting and entering.

Finding and hiring the right caregiver for your loved one will give you peace of mind while providing your loved one with a caregiver who is committed, compassionate and dedicated to the highest standard of care. For more information on Allegiance’s dedicated caregivers, click here:
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