How To Help Your Father or Mother Recover from Their Stroke Sooner.

How can you help your father recover from their stroke sooner? Consider rehab and home care for him or her. Rehab consists of physical, speech, and occupational therapy. A home care agency such as Allegiance Home Care can help you choose which is best. Allegiance provides in home care for stroke victims from Plantation / Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton / Delray to Stuart, Florida.

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Physical therapy for stroke Helps with walking, balance, anytime of mobility issues - getting in and, out of bed, getting to and from the toilet.

Occupational therapy consists of hygiene, the activities of daily living, meal preparation etc.

Speech therapy consists of speaking better, swallowing better etc.

So to help your Father or Mother recover quicker from his stroke -

1). Look into rehab and the therapies available and bring in a caregiver to assist you.

Caregivers can help provide care in the home so there is a continuum of care. In the end, we help our patients recover and become more of themselves again

2). Make sure your father is as independent as possible. In following the therapists plan, try to have your father do as much as they can within the bounds of safety.

Your father may be angry because he is frustrated. When helping a stroke victim recover it is so important to have physical therapy because there is a marked improvement if given right away

At Allegiance home care we can provide a caregiver with experience with stroke victims to reinforce the things that therapists and their therapies are doing.

If you would like us to help you and your Mother or Father in South Florida with the stroke recovery process, contact us today for an in home assessment at Click Here or by calling 888-367-0711.

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