Improving Balance and Walking with Parkinson’s Disease

At Allegiance Home Health and Rehab we understand that Parkinson’s Disease presents unique challenges which can cause loss of balance and difficulty walking.  Some of the very specific movement related symptoms of Parkinson’s create movement dysfunction putting you or your loved one in danger of falling. Fractures from falling off is one of the leading causes of hospitalization.

Our licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists are trained in the specific symptoms of Parkinson’s and the most effective treatments to help improve balance and walking.

Our therapists teach balance strategies and perform gait training that specifically address Parkinson’s symptoms such as freezing, rigidity, postural instability and slowness of movement.  We have an understanding of the motor pathways affected by Parkinson’s and the techniques to either improve these pathways or develop new ones. 

Call us today for a complimentary consultation. We can help your balance and walking.