Referrals to Community Resources

Medicine is just one aspect of healthy living. Seniors want and need to feel part of a community. Interacting with peers and feeling supported by others often is the difference between being alive and truly living.
At Allegiance qualified staff ensures the best care for our patients. Allegiance has master’s level social workers on staff to assist with needed supports in the home through direct services and appropriate community referrals.  Allegiance works closely with:

  • local community senior centers
  • non-profit organizations
  • assisted and independent living communities
  • nursing homes
  • hospice care providers.

We assist with referrals to:

  • patient and caregiver support groups
  • counseling and mental health services
  • educational symposiums and workshops
  • supportive and wellness services
  • research initiatives
  • transportation
  • respite care
  • meal assistance
  • therapies including:
    • Speech and language therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
  • nutrition services
  • hospitals    

We are constantly seeking new and innovative resources for each of our patients to provide you and your love one with the most comprehensive care. If you are a family member caring for someone who receives medical treatment, it means dealing with many life changes that you may have never anticipated. Our role is to alleviate stress while providing valuable supportive services.

As part of the compassionate, individualized care we offer, Allegiance aims to boost each patient’s self-esteem by assessing and providing a treatment plan to fit your family’s needs. We believe that a well-rounded team approach is vital to providing outstanding service to each patient we work with.  

At Allegiance you are not alone… our staff is here to provide you with the most advanced level of care and guide you every step of the way.