Patient Advocacy

At Allegiance we understand that caring for a loved one can be a stressful time for patients as well as for their families. Patients need someone who can look out for their best interests and help navigate the confusing healthcare system. An effective advocate is someone you and your family trust who is willing to act on your behalf. An advocate is someone who can work well with other members of your healthcare team such as your doctors, nurses, and therapists.
Allegiance’s patient advocates help with:

  • clarifying your options for doctors, diagnostic tests and procedures or treatment choices
  • helping get information and asking specific questions in order to educate you and your family
  • writing down information that you receive, and reporting to your family as you wish
  • assuring that your wishes are carried out when you may not be able to do that by yourself
  • accompanying you to tests, appointments, treatments and procedures
  • keeping track of medications, medication schedules, and treatment plans
  • ensuring that you are getting all the services that are available in the community
  • acting as your spokesperson to provide a consistent communication link for your caregivers

If you are a family member caring for someone who receives medical treatment, it means dealing with many life changes that you may have never anticipated. Our role is to alleviate stress while providing valuable supportive services. As part of the compassionate, individualized care we offer, Allegiance assesses each patient’s and family’s needs and will provide you with a treatment plan and an advocate to assist and guide you during this challenging time.  

At Allegiance you are not alone… our staff is here to provide you with the most advanced level of care, knowledge and expertise and guide you every step of the way.