In-Home Health Care and Social Services

Social and emotional well-being are equally important as your physical health. Allegiance Home Health and Rehab offers a wide variety of social services to assist you and your loved one.  Our individualized and legendary social services cater to each patient’s needs.

The Allegiance Difference

Our Home Health team of trained professionals will coordinate and develop with you and your family a plan of care to maintain independence of daily routines within the comforts of home. 

Optimize your quality of life with a wide range of support services catered to your social and emotional well-being.  Our home health team, including social workers and nurses, provide a range of services such as:

  • assessment
  • emergency crisis intervention
  • referrals to community resources
  • education
  • support groups
  • coordination of services
  • case management
  • advocacy
  • outreach
  • safety monitoring
  • providing educational materials and literature
  • referrals to local agencies
  • assistance with transportation
  • financial aid referrals
  • acting as a liaison between the medical community and the family
  • discharge planning

Our role is to alleviate stress while providing valuable supportive services including:

Patient Advocacy: During times of infirmity or disability stress can be high and the health care system can be confusing to navigate. These issues are hard on patients and hard on their families. Having an advocate you can trust to act on your behalf and keep communication flowing means that patients and their families can focus on what’s most important, their recovery.

Patient advocates work with other members of your healthcare team such as your doctors, nurses, and therapists. Your patient advocate can clarify your options for doctors, diagnostic tests and procedures or treatment choices. They will help get information or ask specific questions, write down information that you receive, and report to your family as you wish. Your patient advocate can assure that your wishes are carried out when you may not be able to do that by yourself. If needed, an advocate can accompany you to tests, appointments, treatments and procedures, and will keep track of medications and wellness plans.

If you have a loved one who lives in another area, an advocate can be the spokesperson for the rest of your family. This will provide a consistent communication link for your caregivers. 

Referrals to Community Resources: At Allegiance, we work closely with local allied professionals to ensure the best care for our patients. According to our patient’s and their caregivers/family member’s individualized needs we work as an information source and support system.  Our social workers refer our patients and family members to local community centers, educational symposiums and workshops, support groups, and supportive and wellness services.

We can assist with referrals for research initiatives, transportation, respite care, therapies including speech and language, occupational and physical, and for other vital services that might be necessary to assist you or your loved one.  

Let Us Help You Help Them

If you are a family member caring for someone who receives medical treatment, it means dealing with many life changes that you may have never anticipated.  You can still live a meaningful and productive life by taking care of your physical and emotional health needs by engaging in activities you enjoy and by spending time with family and friends.  

The best gift a family caregiver or spouse can give their loved one is the gift of taking care of themselves so that they may continue to be healthy part of their love one’s life.  Our role is to alleviate stress while providing valuable supportive services. As part of the outstanding, compassionate, individualized care we offer,

Allegiance aims to boost each patient’s self-esteem by assessing and providing a treatment plan to fit your family’s needs. We believe a well-rounded team approach is vital to providing outstanding service to each patient we work with. 

At Allegiance you are not alone… our compassionate, highly trained staff are here to provide you with the most advanced level of care and guide you every step of the way.