Assistance with Activities of Daily Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Treatments for diseases such as Parkinson’s require more than medicinal solutions. Maintaining a high quality of life requires an understanding of this disease and its progression. A better understanding of Parkinson’s creates an empowering environment helping you to better manage your situation. “Knowledge is power”.

Allegiance Home Health will provide you the education and training that is required for you to understand the specific disease process occurring with Parkinson’s. Our allied health professionals including nurses, therapists, social workers and dieticians will educate you and your family on the specific disease process allowing you to make informed decisions. 

The more knowledge you have of the changes that are occurring gives you an understanding of the role Allegiance will play in improving your quality of life.  As you gain more knowledge about the course of Parkinson’s you are able to take control of your health with a clear understanding of Parkinson’s. Call us today for a complimentary home assessment.