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Agency VS Private Care

We all know how worrisome it can be when we have elderly parents who need constant care and attention. When the time comes to choose care for them, adult children are generally confused between choosing to provide them with private care, such as a neighbor or someone from church, and hiring a caregiver from an agency. Making the right decision for your parents is critical. They need someone who is dependable and will be there for them at all times. We encourage adult children to choose an agency over private for the following reasons:

1. Reliability of Private Care and Agency

Private care involves your mother or father relying on the help of a neighbor or nurse to look after them. The downside is that guarantying their presence for 24/7/365 is impossible; they may need to leave for vacation, have emergencies arise in their own household, or perhaps have a cold or stomach bug, etc. Finding a substitute during those times can be frustrating. By hiring an agency, you have the guarantee that your parents will always have a caregiver with them. 

2. Compatibility of Caregivers from Private Care and Agency

When parents get older, they enjoy spending time talking about how things used to be in the past. At their age and condition, they want someone with whom they share similar interests, someone who will help them indulge in old hobbies, such as gardening, or playing cards. With private care, your parents may not get caregivers who love doing what they enjoy. The caregivers at an agency are the total opposite though, forming a bond with whomever they care for.

An agency, such as Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, will pair your parents with caregivers who like doing the same things as them. Your parents will receive excellent care, and on top of that, the agency will assign a caregiver who can converse with them for hours and not let them feel lonely and bored. Agency caregivers are trained for precisely this. 

3. Benefits Provided by Private Care and Agency

Paying a neighbor or other private caregiver could be financially risky too. Agencies provide their trained caregivers with benefits which include worker compensation, paying for their taxes, and liability insurance, etc. This benefits the client as well. If something was to happen to the caregiver while they were in your parents’, it would be the agency’s responsibility to take care of the issue and not the client…meaning that you and your parents are not liable. 

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