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Can a caregiver help with medications?

If you’re in charge of managing your elderly loved one’s medication intake, you know it can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.  Pills upon pills – day after day – it just doesn’t end.  And it will never end.  Some medications are simply vital for seniors, regardless of where they fall on the health spectrum.

At Allegiance Home Health we’re often asked, “Can your caregivers help with medications?” The answer is “Yes.”  

Depending on Mom/Dad’s needs, our caregivers help seniors with their medications in three different ways:

1. A simple reminder.

We all need reminders every now and then to keep us on track with daily activities.  That’s why calendars and planners were invented.  But it’s not always easy for seniors to manage their own medication schedule.  If your parent(s) knows which medicines they need but can’t remember when to take them, that’s where our caregivers can help.  A simple reminder goes a long way, and we can provide that crutch for you and your family.

2. Physically administering the medication.

At Allegiance Home Health, we employ certified health care professionals who are trained to give seniors medications.  Many people are just not comfortable with being responsible for this task. So don’t feel guilty; you’re not alone.  Allow one of our certified caregivers to take the lead on this one.  We’ll ensure that Mom/Dad gets the medications he/she needs.

3. Filling pill boxes.

It’s one of the many services we provide.  One of our registered nurses can fill and organize pill boxes, relieving you of the stress involved with that chore.  As mentioned earlier, it’s overwhelming to keep track of medications, especially if they’re multiplied.  Some senior patients are required to take up to 30 different pills A DAY, all at different times.  That’s not a task the average person can manage with ease.  And dealing with medicine?  It’s nerve-wracking, and there’s just no room for error.  At Allegiance Home Health, we give you some peace of mind knowing that a licensed health care professional is organizing and managing your loved one’s daily medications.

As part of this service, a registered nurse will come to the senior’s home for a “medication reconciliation.”  This simply means the nurse will review all of your Mom/Dad’s medications and input them into our computer system.  This keeps us digitally organized and maintains a reliable record of medications right at our fingertips.  It also allows us to monitor the patient’s reaction to certain pills.  If your loved one has a dangerous reaction to a particular medication, our RN will immediately contact a doctor with the vital information he/she needs to address the issue.  The RN can access the medicine log with the click of a few buttons.  It’s a digital medical file.

After this initial meeting, our RN will determine the proper medication program that meets your loved one’s needs.

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