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Can someone with diabetes remain home safely?

Living with Diabetes in the golden years can feel scary and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.  In today’s Allegiance Alert, we tackle how seniors can cope with the disease – Plus, the steps we take to help aging patients manage Diabetes safely at home.

Can someone with Diabetes remain home safely?

There are no secrets to coping with Diabetes.  Healthy eating habits, routine exercise and appropriate medications are all essentials to safely managing the disease. If you’re not always available to ensure that your elderly loved one is eating properly, exercising regularly and taking his/her medication, we’re here to help.

Here are 3 ways Allegiance Home Health helps seniors manage Diabetes safely at home:

1. Ensure proper diet and medications

Eating sensibly is part of the healthy lifestyle equation; but for those with Diabetes, it’s crucial.  As part of our services, one of our skilled nurses will come to the senior’s home and assess his/her nutritional habits.  Based on the findings, the nurse can outline a proper eating plan that meets the needs of your loved one.  The skilled nurse will also evaluate the patient’s medications and ensure that he/she is taking them properly and in a timely manner.

2.  Create an exercise routine

Regular exercise is vital to keeping a diabetic’s sugar levels balanced, which in turn, keeps them fully functioning.  The key to maintaining these levels is to avoid developing circulation problems, specifically by staying active.  Our physical therapists will create an exercise routine to prevent your Diabetic loved one from having circulation issues.  These physical therapy plans promote proper circulation through mobility and strength, all within the comfort of the patient’s home.  

3.  Prepare meals

If your aging relative needs more in-depth assistance, our in-home caregivers can prepare special meals designed for patients with Diabetes.  These meals are planned specifically to keep sugar levels steady, which again, is imperative to managing the disease.  The caregiver also monitors patients’ daily activities to ensure they’re as healthy as possible (i.e. – eating properly and staying active).

At Allegiance Home Health, we combine the nutritional aspect with a proper exercise routine into one healthy formula designed to fit your individual loved one’s needs.

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