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If I call Allegiance, what happens first? With Debbie Philipps

Making arrangements to care for a loved one is never easy as fear of the unknown usually presides. That first phone call and first home care visit can be daunting not knowing what to expect. Having an understanding of the home care process can make transitioning to this level of care comforting and a welcomed component of the care plan.  


Many times, families are worried when calling a home care agency; they fear the patient will perceive this service as a means to limit their independence when in reality home care services are meant to foster independence and increase a sense of autonomy. The first step in the process is scheduling an assessment for the patient to meet with a nurse from Allegiance Home Health. During the initial assessment, the nurse will reassure your loved one and make them feel at ease about the goal of increasing independence. During this first meeting, the nurse will also ask a series of questions to discover what is most important to your loved one when transitioning back to the home setting. 

Communication IS KEY

Through this entire process, open communication with the caregiver is the key to success as a level of trust needs to be developed and a rapport established to make the relationship a partnership in care. This can only occur through face-to-face interaction and lots of talking. The nurse will emphasize the goals of increasing strength and maintaining a safe environment in the home setting while ascertaining the goals of the patient and learning what is important to them. From this open dialog, a plan of care can be established…keeping the patient’s and family’s needs as the priority. 


Once the initial assessment is complete, the caregiver will come into the home and work your loved one based on the assessment and agreed upon goals. The caregiver does not come into the home and “take-over”…she will empower independence and facilitate choices for the patient. The caregiver role is to provide a support structure and not to create a culture of dependency. This increased sense of autonomy also helps the family to feel less stress and pressure of being the sole caregiver.  

Being a family caregiver can be very difficult and stressful, Allegiance is here to help alleviate that hardship by relieving the family of carrying the full burden of care. Services are only provided as long as they are needed and wanted by the patient and the families. Remembering the goal is independence and autonomy; making choices and learning how to modify familiar tasks keeping safety in mind.  


At Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, “We pledge our allegiance to you.” We provide your loved ones with services custom designed to fit their individual needs. Our trained caregivers fully comprehend the condition and personality of the patient, providing them options to choose from various activities that include going on short walks, reading to them, and accompanying them to the store. 

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