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How can home care help prevent my loved one from wandering?

Dementia and random wandering go hand-in-hand and sometimes have dangerous consequences.  In today’s Allegiance Alert, we explain our safeguarding techniques to keep your loved one out of harm’s way.  If your relative is prone to wandering, this one’s a must-see.

How can home care help prevent my loved one from wandering?

It happens often.  We see it on the news, and even on the highways and roads we travel -- “Silver Alerts” indicating an elderly person has wandered off or gone missing.  Many seniors suffer from Dementia, the loss of brain functions like general thinking, judgment and memory.  Dealing with its ramifications can be scary for the patient and his/her family.

If you’re considering home care for your parent(s) with Dementia, here’s how an Allegiance Home Health aide can help:

Conduct home safety check

Our home care aides assess Mom/Dad’s house for safety by ensuring all doors are locked and alarm systems are operating properly.  It’s typically the first step in preventing your loved one from wandering and guaranteeing his/her physical safety.

Allegiance Home Health aides also:

Offer medication reminders

It’s common for patients with Dementia to forget to take their medications.  Our home care aides will remind Mom/Dad to take their pills and make sure they’re administered properly.

Prepare meals and complete daily household chores

Our aides help with the common tasks your parent(s) have been familiar with for years.  They simply keep Mom/Dad on track with their normal, daily routines.  This will ensure their safety, health and overall well-being.

The caregivers at Allegiance Home Health offer protection and safety reassurance for seniors who may sometimes feel lost and scared.  They’re specifically trained to treat patients suffering from Dementia.

If this sounds like your loved one, reach out today.  We’re here to help.

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