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How can my father recover from his stroke sooner?

Helping Dad recuperate from a stroke, but not sure where to begin?  Find out the key component to your father’s recovery in today’s Allegiance Alert – Plus, why offering too much help can actually hurt Dad.

How can my father recover from his stroke sooner?

Recovering from a stroke is never easy, but it’s also not impossible.  If your elderly father recently had a stroke, it’s important to get him on the mend as soon as possible.

At Allegiance Home Health, we ensure that our caregivers are fully trained to help with this issue.  Here are two essential tips to getting Dad on the fast track to recovery.

1. Rehab, Rehab and more Rehab!

We can’t stress this enough.  Getting your father into a rehabilitation program following a stroke is critical.  The types of therapy vary, depending on the issues Dad now faces in the aftermath.

Physical therapy - which can help your father regain his overall mobility (i.e. – balance, walking, getting in and out of bed or a chair, etc)

Speech therapy – this will help Dad relearn to speak well, eat and swallow properly.  (Some patients lose control of the muscles they use to swallow following a stroke, leaving them at risk for aspiration, which can ultimately lead to pneumonia)

Occupational therapy – which assists with everyday tasks like showering, dressing and preparing meals

It’s important to understand the different types of rehabilitation therapy.  Once you pinpoint Dad’s deficiencies following his stroke, get him in for treatment right away.

2. Ensure Dad’s independence

Your father has been through enough, and it’s understandable that you’ll want to help him now more than ever before.  But try to avoid helping Dad too much, as difficult as this may be. You want to allow him to regain some independence and not be forced to rely solely on you for help.  Explain to Dad that you’re not forgetting about his needs, you’re actually helping him in the long run.

If for some reason you’re just not getting through to him, that’s where we can help.  An Allegiance Home Health caregiver will come to Dad’s house to reinforce the need for his independence, and practice everything he learned in rehab.  Our in-home caregiver works one-on-one with him to ensure the rehabilitation continues in the comfort of Dad’s home.  

(Here’s a quick Allegiance Home Health patient success story)… 

John was one of our patients who had a stroke and was bound to a wheelchair.  He became frustrated with his situation but with our help, he was able to get the rehabilitation he needed to get back on track.  John’s daily physical therapy treatments were vital to his recovery.  With the assistance of a walker, he was back on his feet.  One of our in-home caregivers worked with him on the exercises created by his physical therapist.  These continuous therapy sessions helped John improve tremendously.

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