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Is Transportation Included?

What happens when your elderly mother or father need to visit the doctor, but are unable to drive there on their own?  Maybe they rely on family or friends for rides, but due to conflicting schedules, they aren’t always able to make it. Generally, most people move out of their parents’ home or relocate somewhere else after they get married or get a job. This leaves their aging parents in a vulnerable position. 

Elderly people are often instructed by their physicians not to drive, so they will most likely miss their appointments or may have to postpone it according to fit into someone else’s schedule. As their child, you may not like them to do so, since going to appointments on time at their age is extremely important. Alternatively, they may decide to ignore doctor’s orders and drive themselves to the appointment, potentially putting themselves (and others) in danger. Is there a solution to this dilemma for the child who wants to be there for his/her parents, but cannot always meet their needs? Yes, the solution is to hire a home care service.  

Hire an Elder Care Service

The thought of hiring a care giving service may have crossed your mind at some point. However, you may have abandoned the idea, as you may not have realized the importance of hiring one for your ailing parents. A home care service provides parents with a caregiver who looks after an elderly parent. There are many misconceptions about home care companies, and most people do not know of all the various types of services we can provide to our clients.

The caregivers are trained specifically to look after elderly people.  They can assist them with taking their prescribed medications, read to them, go with them to the store, and help with household chores, amongst others things. Most importantly, they provide them with transportation services.

Transportation Offered by a Care Giving Service

When looking for home care service, choose a company that provides your loved ones with the option to drive them to and from doctor appointments. The caregiver assigned to your parents may use their own car or your parents can allow the aide to drive theirs. (Some insurance agencies require the caregiver’s name on paper if your parents choose to use their own car.)

This is a win for everyone.  You will get to spend more of your free time enjoying your visit with your parents instead of driving them around to the doctor. Your parents will not miss important appointments.  And the doctor will have peace of mind knowing they are not driving against his orders. If you live far away from your family, this is especially important.  Choosing a home care provider for your parents is the safe and right choice. 

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At Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, “We pledge our allegiance to you.” We provide your loved ones with services custom designed to fit their individual needs. Our trained caregivers fully comprehend the condition and personality of the patient, providing them options to choose from various activities that include going on short walks, reading to them, and accompanying them to the store. 

If you are interested in hiring an aide for your mother or father, you can call us right away for a consultation. To receive an exclusive report on “Suggestions for Successful Home Care Placement”, sign up for our newsletter on the right side of your screen. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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