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Licensed Agency VS Registry

When looking for a home healthcare provider, you must research the company thoroughly and determine whether it is a licensed agency or a registry. In the state of Florida, the law dictates that a registry can only send out independent contractors, acting as a middleman between these contractors and the elderly client who require the home care. A licensed agency, on the other hand, is equipped with all the necessary tools to hire their own employees, train their aides, and send them to your house in order to provide the care they need. A licensed agency, therefore, can provide additional services that a registry cannot.

The additional services come in the form of skilled care under the Medicare benefit, which includes, but is not limited to:

Physical therapy

Occupational therapy

Speech therapy

These services, in a licensed agency, are usually covered by an insurance plan. This is not the case in a registry, since the aides they send to the clients’ houses are independent contractors and therefore do not have to follow specific company policies.

While registries do their best to provide you with a home caregiver, the truth is, you cannot be sure that you are protected under all circumstances. A licensed agency can guarantee a much safer environment due their bonding and insurance plans, as well as aides that are required to report directly to the company.

It can be quite challenging to hire an aide for your parents, and the process of finding the right one can be rather exhausting, and at times, overwhelming. That’s why Allegiance Home Health is here for you, and is willing to guide you through the tricky processes in order to ensure the perfect care for your loved ones.

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