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Special Guest: Susan Silvia

In tonight's episode of Allegiance Alert, we're going to provide four tips that will help you when you are considering home health care for a family member or loved one.  Our primary concern is to match the right caregiver with the client, and find someone who will help the client feel at ease.  We always want your loved one to feel safe, yet independent. 

Be open about hobbies and interests.  We endeavor to find a caregiver who has similar hobbies and leisure activities as your loved one.  We want to find a good match because it’s what is best for them.  If, for example, your Dad has a passion for movies, we will try to find a caregiver who can relate to that, so they will have a connection.  Perhaps they will even enjoy going to movies together as an activity to get out of the house.  If your mother enjoys telling stories from her youth, we will try to find an aide who is a good listener and will engage your mother in lively conversations which will help keep her brain active.

Be relaxed with your schedule.  Timing is everything!  We strive to have as few restrictions as possible when it comes to scheduling time with the caregiver each day.  It is best for your parent to keep continuity, so they will have the same caregiver as often as is possible.  The more flexible you and your loved one can be with those hours, the easier it will be to fill their needs.  For example, you may need someone to come over Monday – Friday for four hours each afternoon, to help your parent with light housekeeping, companionship, dinner preparation, and to run a few errands.  There may be a great caregiver who has similar interests as your parent, and does a four-hour morning shift with another client nearby, but isn’t available to start until 2 PM each day.  If you are flexible with your schedule, it will help to find the caregiver who is the best match for your loved one.  Let the agency guide you a bit.  

Encourage interaction.  Not everyone gets along with their caregiver right away.  Many of our clients are reluctant to home care because they want to hold onto their independence.  As their close loved one, you know them best and realize when extra help is needed.  This transition can be challenging for everyone, so it’s essential to give your parent and the caregiver the opportunity to get used to each other.  Have a positive attitude with your parent about the aide.  Understand that your parent is not the first elderly patient she has cared for, so she knows what she is doing.  Encourage your parent to spend time with the aide and get to know her.  This is especially important in the beginning, as your parent gets used to the idea of needing help.

Plan enough time for bonding.  We require time to be given so the caregiver can get to know the client's wishes and understand the individual needs of each patient.  You want your loved one to get the best care, so trust the agency when they give a recommendation on the schedule.  This is all so we can provide the best possible service that your loved one requires.  Plan sufficient time for the caregiver to understand the needs of the patent.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks for your parent to begin to bond with the aide.  Realize that if your loved one is very independent, it may take months for him/her to get comfortable with the aide, even if the help is needed.  

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