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The Importance Of Companion Care

When the time comes to consider enlisting the help of an aide to care for your elderly parent, it’s very common to have doubts and reservations about hiring someone else. You need not feel guilty about passing their care off to an aide though. The truth is, when you provide sole care for your parents, you miss out on quality time with them. By the time you’re done feeding, bathing, and cleaning; both you and your parent are so exhausted you can’t summon up the energy to do anything fun together. To avoid looking at them through a lens of frustration and disappointment, it would be in your best interest and theirs to hire a professional aide.

The Benefits of Companion Care

Aside from giving you more time to be there emotionally for your parents, aides can help them in many other ways that you may not be able to due to time constraints and lack of knowledge or experience when dealing with the elderly. Here are a few things aides can do for your loved ones:

They will do the basic essentials, such as cleaning, bathing, and keeping them safe from harm

They will ensure that all medication is taken on time, and that your loved ones adhere to their treatment plans

Nutrition will be given priority, and the aide will cook healthy food, but will also make sure it is to their liking, not straying too far from their existing menu

They will interact with them, and keep them mentally stimulated at all times, so they feel more like people and less like patients

Anything they like to do, such as going out to restaurants, or watching movies, they can still do. The aide will go along with them, and make sure they are always happy, safe and comfortable

They will help your parents to live with dignity. They will allow your loved ones know that they are still independent, and just need a little help

At the end of the day, the aide will provide help, companionship, and friendship

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At Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, “We pledge our allegiance to you.” We provide your loved ones with services custom designed to fit their individual needs. Our trained caregivers fully comprehend the condition and personality of the patient, providing them options to choose from various activities that include going on short walks, reading to them, and accompanying them to the store. 

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