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What Happens To My Dog?

Dogs are lovable creatures whose companionship with their owner is highly valuable. The owner in return spends time tending to their every need. As time goes by, the owner, in this case, your parents may not be able to feed them, bathe them, or take them out for a walk as they used to do. 

Moreover, your parents may have bought the dog to keep them company in their old age. Due to an illness, injury, or condition, your parents may need a caregiver to care for them, but what happens to the dog then?

Find a Caregiver that’s an Animal Lover

Telling your parents that they cannot keep their beloved pet due to their caregiver’s inability to provide for it is truly heartbreaking. A pet is an important part of people’s life, especially as the pet grows older with the people they live with. Picking a caregiver over a pet is a difficult thing to do. Therefore, you should be in search for a caregiver that shares the love for animals, as your elderly parents do. 

Inform the Agency of Your Requirements

Upon contacting an agency, tell them about your requirements and the number of pets your parents have. The agency will do their best in pairing your parents with a caregiver who can provide for both. Caregivers can take the dogs for a walk, spend time with them, feed them and groom them. They will look after pets with as much care as your parents used to. 

Caring for your parents does come first, but that doesn’t mean neglecting care for the pet. Their pet means the world to them and parting with it is an unthinkable thought. 

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