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What Is Bonding And Insurance?

When choosing a good aide for your parent, you must look at the company in a holistic manner. Many factors are important besides the care they can provide to your loved ones. You must also educate yourself about more complicated matters, such as insurance and bonding. Too many people forget to hire aides from companies with good insurance plans, and instead, focus on the superficial aspects.

Why is Insurance and Bonding Necessary?

You are entrusting the care of your elderly parents or loved one into the hands of an aide, which will help you to feel a bit more relaxed about the time you spend with them. In your absence, however, anything can happen. Accidents occur every day, and unfortunately, a large percent of accidents involve the elderly who are unable to care for themselves properly. By providing your parents an aide, you are ensuring their safety; but it is just as important to protect their assets by having proper insurance coverage on the aide.

Accidents can happen, and if an aide has an accident in your mother’s home, she could be liable to pay for the medical bills. To protect your loved ones from these unforeseeable and adverse events, you can either deposit a large amount of money into an account as a reserve to cover these potential costs. This is fixed in the form of a bond; and in the event that theft, damage, or other accidents make their way into your lives, you can to turn to that bond to help you recover your losses. Similarly, with insurance, you would put in a claim and the company will help you cover any damages. 

How Does This Help?

Having this proper coverage on the aide allows you to provide an umbrella of protection for your parents, by ensuring both their physical, as well as financial security. The last thing you need is added worry related to your parents’ monetary needs during their time of vulnerability. A reputable home care company, which treats its aides as employees, already has this type of coverage on each of them, saving you that time and headache. By trusting a company with a good insurance and bonding track record, you are not only receiving help for your loved ones, but also your own peace of mind. 

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