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What Services Does Medicare Provide In The Home?

Has1 surgery or an illness hindered your parents’ daily activities? Are your parents bound to the bed or chair and are unable to walk short distances? If this describes their situation, you must think of ways to ease their day-to-day problems by finding workarounds for their situation. You can choose to stay with them yourself, but odds are that you aren’t qualified to look after them properly. Plus, you may not always be available due to your work schedule, children, and other commitments. 

The answer to this dilemma is simple…hire an agency that guarantees trained personnel to visit the house on particular days to check on your loved ones. Most importantly, you want to provide your parents with services insured under the umbrella of Medicare. Here are few in-home services provided by Medicare:

Skilled Nursing

When your parents are unable to carry out normal tasks, as their child you wish to do something about it. The best way to show them that you care is to contact an agency that provides in-home services to care for them. At times, your parents may need the assistance of a nurse to help them do the following:

Provide medication

Change bandages

Give injections

Bathe them

Clothe them

Many more services

After assessing the patient, the nurse will give you a schedule stating the times they will come by to tend to their needs. If they have to come every day, they will.

Physical Therapy

Due to illness, injury, or surgery, for instance, your parents may be immobile for a while. In order to get them up and moving, a physical therapist may come around, asses the pain, and assist them with some basic stretching and exercises, designed to strengthen their muscles and keep them active.

Speech Therapy

Sometimes, a stroke, or disease can hinder speech. In order to help your parents regain their speaking abilities, the agency will provide them with a speech therapist.

Social Services 

Your parents may be dealing with stress related to chronic illness, family relationships, or bereavement. Social workers trained in counseling the elderly can help them get through the toughest situations. 

Nutritional Care

If your parent’s doctor has instructed them to maintain a certain diet, the dieticians will prepare them meal plans to follow. Your parents may have diabetes, for instance, and may need a meal plan to keep their blood sugar in check. 

The trained professionals will come to your parent’s home and provide them with excellent care. 

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