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Will having a caregiver take away my mothers independence?

This is a question we get frequently, as it is one of the most common concerns people have when first considering home care for a loved one.  What you need to remember is that your elderly mother is ALREADY losing her independence, because of her inability to do the tasks she has been accustomed to doing alone.  Our goal at Allegiance is to provide a caregiver who will give her back the independence she has lost.

With one of our trained caregivers by her side, your Mom will get the support that is needed so she can safely do the chores or errands she would normally enjoy.  We maintain an environment in which your mother can flourish.  We help her to continue to get out into the community and enjoy life.  Our clients begin to feel that life is once again worthwhile because they can go where they want, when they want, and rejoin the outside world.

In some instances, your mother may feel resentful if you begin telling her what to do, and what not to do.  Though you are doing it for her safety, it may make her feel that you are trying to take away her independence.  As her child, you must be able to see her side and understand why that is.  But when your parent hires a caregiver, the dynamic is completely different.  They are able to bond together and help her regain that independence.  Your Mom will tell the caregiver what she wants to do and the caregiver supports her to make it happen.

It’s a win-win for everybody.  You will no longer be the “bad guy” who is lecturing her about what she should and shouldn't do.  Once again, she becomes the parent and is back in control.  Your relationship will be so much more healthy and pleasurable when she has a caregiver who is her ally to achieve the independence she had lost.


At Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, “We pledge our allegiance to you.” We provide your loved ones with services custom designed to fit their individual needs. Our trained caregivers fully comprehend the condition and personality of the patient, providing them options to choose from various activities that include going on short walks, reading to them, and accompanying them to the store. 

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