A COVID-19 Success Story

Judith, 93, and Zachery, 104, have been COVID-19 cured since April 30th, 2020!

On April 1st, 2020 Judith and Zachery were diagnosed with COVID-19. They were quarantined together for 30 days. Judith joyfully calls this: “The Lost Month”.

Today Judith and Zachery are feeling great! Their doctor recently called to share that they have wonderful antibodies! They enjoy going on outdoor walks together around their Senior Living Community and seeing people when going down to get the mail. In the future, they can’t wait to go out to a nice Chinese restaurant.

After 24 years of marriage they are happy and healthy. Judith says Zachery is turning 105 this month and still has a full head of hair. Zachery says, “My wife is the best!!!”

Thank you, Judith and Zachery, for sharing your story!

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