My name is Rosie and I would like to share my story with you. Throughout my entire life I have always loved helping people. The enjoyment I feel when knowing I have made an impact on someone else’s life is immensely rewarding. I have always held the belief that everyone needs help once in a while, so why not lend a helping hand when it’s needed.

When I was pregnant with my son Joseph, my husband opened a physical therapy clinic while I taught students with learning disabilities. For many years during my free time I volunteered locally at soup kitchens. I always had goals for myself, these included starting a business of my own and opening a preschool for low-socioeconomic families. Sometimes life does not go as planned and I felt that some serious soul searching was needed. I ultimately decided upon leaving my teaching career to help my beloved husband establish his business.

This new journey for me was life changing. I grew bonds with these patients that were maintained for many years to come. The stories these amazing individuals shared with me were touching. The senior population and I connected the strongest. Hearing their stories about surviving cancer to concentration camps and war, I felt blessed to have met people like the ones that I did.

After working hard for about three years to establish and maintain a strong clinic, multiple patients began to ask for in-home treatment for his/her spouse. These individuals seeking physical therapy were unpleased with their current care, largely complaining about the lack of time the therapist spent with them. Hearing about these individuals’ situations broke my heart. I felt if I were in charge of taking care of these patients I would most definitely not permit that kind of treatment. Patients under my care would be given proper treatment all of the time.

After time I began to hear more and more about home health care companies and how they operated. One day my husband reminded me of one of my lifelong goals and said, “Rosie, you have always wanted to own a business and help people and this is your opportunity.” Yes, this was it!

With the help of a supportive husband and a burning desire to help out the senior population I jumped head on into my new project. I myself had aging parents and knew how much they would benefit from a company like the one I was starting.

Unfortunately, my father passed away after having a heart attack and my mother, after having surgery, was at home alone and needed care. With my help I was able to provide her with the right care that she needed, providing my siblings with peace of mind. To this day I still receive phone calls from my mother expressing her deepest gratitude about the high-quality care she is receiving; she is able to stay at home and live a longer and happier life.

This opportunity has aided me in helping others provide care for their parents. Friends and family frequently call me and I offer them advice and support. To this day I am still living out my passion for helping people. I have created a workplace that is filled with individuals who share that common bond with me. These caregivers go beyond the norm for my patients. Yes my patients! We call this higher level of patient care – ‘Rosie Care’. These patients have become my family. We are all one big family Allegiance Home Health & Rehab. You can be part of this family. My name is Rosie and that is my story.

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