As we age, we begin thinking about how we’ll be spending our twilight years. Once you retire, you still have a lot of time to do great things and make a further impact in the community, and on a larger scale, the world. Becoming a volunteer can be both rewarding and beneficial to your own health, all while making a positive change in someone’s life. Below we’ll discuss some of the many benefits to seniors who volunteer in the community.

Becoming a Volunteer Helps Create Connections and a Deeper Understanding of Society
Whenever people of diverse age groups and backgrounds interact, there is a common belief that understanding and respect comes out of it. If you are in your 60s or 70s, you have many life skills that you can use to make a positive impact. You may use former job experiences to help a nonprofit improve their processes. You can also help people understand the challenges facing senior citizens and other communities. Volunteering in organizations with younger employees and volunteers can also help bridge the age gap and encourage a deeper understanding of one another’s generation.

By focusing on feeling good through the giving of our time, volunteers can leave a lasting impression on someone. You can form incredible networks of people you never knew you would ever interact. Such networks can open your outlook of life and even inspire you to do something you never thought you would do. You can also gain new relationships and friendships with people who fortify your life.

Volunteering Can Improve
Overall Health Volunteering time and resources can help individuals in many ways, including improving the overall physical and emotional health of the volunteer. Many seniors are constantly battling health problems, as well as one big, very common emotional problem: loneliness. Getting out in the community and interacting with others, while seeing that you are still an equally valuable member of society, can be an immense help in combatting loneliness. This time spent with nonprofits that need the help can give you a renewed sense of importance and can create new connections and relationships.

Develops a Conscious Society
By the time you retire, you have interacted with many people. Some of them are key decision-makers in organizations large or small, and some may have influence in policy. You have also undoubtedly influenced people you have mentored or worked with. These everyday interactions affect the conscious of society in ways large and small, with new viewpoints influencing future decisions. Giving of your time by volunteering for nonprofits or organizations can help shape the way society functions, with the influence of your experience and new perspectives. Our connections and relationships inspire change in the world around us, and can be very powerful in affecting society as a whole. This, in turn, gives us a sense of the significance of one person – and builds our own confidence as individuals.

Improves Activity
Voluntary service is a physical endeavor. You have to keep an active lifestyle throughout the process. Thus, it pays physically to keep an active life as a volunteer. Studies reveal that most people retire only to develop health complications due to inactivity. If you something to do, somewhere to go daily or weekly, you will not just give; you will receive immense physical benefits. Diabetes, heart complications, certain cancers and a host of other problems thrive in an idle body. You can reduce the risk of such diseases enormously if you volunteer your services to a nonprofit or other organization. Studies show that volunteers show remarkable resilience towards fatigue, life stressors, and addictions. You also demonstrate a commitment towards other people’s health. Stress, depression, low self-esteem and other mental health problems are common among seniors; but they are significantly reduced among the active elderly community. Secondly, it makes you happy. Happy people are known to live longer!

At Allegiance Home Health, we understand the massive value of our senior community, and we know the wonderful things our seniors can share with society as a whole. We truly believe that when seniors decide to give back to society through volunteerism, they will experience improved body, soul, and mind. We are here to help – contact us today at (561) 367-0711 or visit our website at!