Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote a letter to my Mom today. I thought perhaps a lot of you might relate to the way I am feeling so I thought I would share it.

Dear Mom You Were Right,

You were right Mom! I just want you to know. I don’t think I ever said that to you. In fact I may have seemed annoyed by your countless words of advice and all of your shared wisdom. So many things you said I thought were old fashion thinking, well it turns out it was good thinking!

I find myself calling my 19 year old son “my baby”, too. I used to feel insulted because I interpreted your words as you feeling I was not mature enough to make my own decisions. But now I understand I am your baby and I will always be. When I was born you said, “I am a millionaire!”  I was your one and only daughter. The miracle daughter you gave birth to in the middle of your life. It should have been the time for you to start taking care of yourself but instead I came along. If you ever wished it was your time to live and enjoy life, you never showed it. The forgiveness and unconditional love you showed me I understand it and appreciate it more than ever.

You used to say,  “Wait until you have a child you will see. All of the sacrifices we have made for you and your brothers we would do them all over again”. Guess what Mom? I understand because I do the same for my one and only son.

You were right Mom, looking presentable is important, first impressions do count. The friends you choose are important. They can either make you a great person or a terrible person. An education can take you far in life if you work hard and make the right choices.

Just so you know Mom, I still don’t walk around barefoot, I fix my bed every morning, I write in cursive, and my hair is always done, I work hard and choose my friends wisely.

When I close my eyes, I can still remember you singing me to sleep and comforting me when I had nightmares. The security and love I felt then is forever in my heart. There are so many wonderful memories of you.

When you were taking your last breath you looked like an Angel. All of the lifetime of disagreements were instantly gone. Before me laid an angel of a mother who loved me unconditionally. I hope as you were passing, you too only remembered all the good times. I hope I made you proud to be your daughter.

You were right Mom. You just don’t understand until you are a mother, too. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Rest In Peace,

Your daughter “Roselita”

Rosie Inguanzo-Martin, CEO/President