Key Benefits of Exercise for Seniors and those in recovery

Do you want to be the best advocate for your health and wellness while on the path to healthier you?  Then why not provide your body with all the ammunition you can?  Below are just a few examples of how exercise for seniors and those in recovery, can give you the advantage on getting well!

Improved healing and function – You are back on your feet, so to speak, and on the road to recovery!  Congratulations, you did it.  So now what?  First off, before you do any exercise, we suggest getting your doctor’s permission to ensure safety in all cases.  Daily exercise by seniors may decrease the time it takes for a wound to heal by 20%.  Also, a healthy, strong body can better fight off infection and makes recovery from illness or injury more easily.

Prevention of disease or chronic conditions – “A pound of prevention…”  According to the National Institute of Aging, exercising as a senior may delay or even prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease and osteoporosis, just to name a few.

Increased balance and stability – Falls are the number one injury among seniors, and regular exercise can help prevent them.  Falling leads to injuries like broken hips or other bones, and exercise is a key component to improving functional reach and balance.

Improved quality of life – New studies have found that seniors who exercise improve not only their physical fitness but experienced psychological benefits as well.  Exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression and improve the mood in general.  The increasedmobility that comes from regular, moderate exercise can help a senior maintain his or her independence if it is done on a consistent basis.

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