October is ‘National Patient Centered Care Month’

A subject as important as patient care needs the attention of everyone. October is National Patient Centered Care Month. Designated over 40-years-ago, the term ‘patient centered care’ literally means that decisions are made around the patient’s needs and values, not what others want.

In October, the rights and wishes of patients globally are brought to the forefront of the medical community to emphasize that the patient, above anyone else, should have their wishes and concerns addressed first. The month-long event also strives to involve families in the care process of their loved-ones. This is especially important to those of us who have seniors in our care like the compassionate team of home healthcare providers at Allegiance Home Health and Rehab in Boca Raton, Stuart and Plantation, Florida.

Compassionate Care

 Parents or spouses who can no longer live independently may wish to remain in their home. This is their preference. If this is their presence home health agencies specialize in provided highly trained, qualified and licensed home health aides, CNA’s, physical therapists, RN’s and other caregivers to assist with activities like bathing, cleaning, and meal preparation.

For instance, if your mother lives in Stuart and you live in West Palm Beach and you need to make sure your mother has help during the week, you can call a home care agency such as Allegiance Home Health and Rehab in Stuart Florida that focuses on patient centered care. The agency may send out an in home health aide or certified nursing assistant to monitor your mother’s medications and vital signs among other things. Caregivers such as those at Allegiance provide the patient centered care that allows seniors to stay in their homes longer.

Not only are the medical goals met for the individual, but they also gain companionship from these home healthcare workers. Depression and isolation are eradicated by the presence of others, even if it’s only for a few hours a day.

Peace of Mind

 Guilt can be overwhelming when family members do not live near their parents or when a spouse must work to support the household. Family members can have peace of mind when they know that someone is coming to check on their mother or father or spouse.

If the home care agency sends an in home nurse, the spouse can rest assured that the husband will take his medications correctly and in a timely manner. Nowadays home healthcare includes highly trained professionals such as home health aides and certified nursing assistants. Knowing their elderly parents are in good hands gives grown children peace of mind without having to worry that their mother or father will not have companionship, or essentials such as bathing, the timely taking of medications and proper meals.

National Patient Centered Care Month is meant to remind families, care-givers, home health providers, and the medical community, that the patient’s wishes, values, and preferences should be the top priority when making out care plans.


If staying in their home where familiar surroundings are a comfort, is their wish, then families and staff should consider all of the options available to respect their desires. The object of patient-centered care is to make sure the patient is heard, and their desires are carried out in a respectful and dignified manner, while making sure the senior is safe and their health is monitored carefully for changes.


Being mindful of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional requests are all part of the patient-centered care objectives. The home health providers here at Allegiance Home Health and Rehab are focused on the patient centered care that senior clients deserve and are entitled to. Learn more about patient centered care hereLearn more about home health care here.