Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, Inc. believes that a complete understanding of Parkinson’s Disease is crucial among those professionals who directly serve people with Parkinson’s. We address this need by providing specialized training to our medical and non-medical caregivers including: Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists.

Sapphire Parkinson's Care - Certified Agencyons

Allegiance Home Health and Rehab, Inc. is a certified Sapphire Parkinson’s Care™ agency. We follow the strict guidelines of offering only Specialized Parkinson’s Caregivers™ (”SPC”) . The Sapphire Parkinson’s Care™ seal lets you know that your home care agency is providing caregivers who have been trained with the most advanced techniques in caring for those with Parkinson’s. It assures the person taking care of your loved one has the skills needed to provide quality care to people with Parkinson’s. We choose individuals who have demonstrated advanced knowledge and skills in the specialty of caring for Parkinson’s.

What type of caregivers can I expect from the Sapphire Parkinson’s Care™ program?

A medical or non-medical caregiver that has received specialized training and education in the symptoms and characteristics of Parkinson’s Disease while learning techniques to specifically meet the needs of those with Parkinson’s. Before a caregiver is labeled “SPC” they must pass a written exam and perform a laboratory competency test to ensure you are receiving a caregiver who is qualified to help those with Parkinson’s.*

Why do I need an SPC?

Parkinson’s is unique and has many symptoms. Many hired caregivers are not adept in helping those with Parkinson’s. They are not comfortable with their knowledge and skills and are unable to meet the needs of people with Parkinson’s.

We will provide you with a Parkinson’s Advocate, a social worker with specialized knowledge of Parkinson’s Disease, to help guide you through the stages of this complex disease. Allegiance’s Parkinson’s Advocate will help you assemble a healthcare team and identify all available community resources and options.

Sapphire Parkinson’s Care™ agencies are the leaders in caring for people with Parkinson’s.

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