Phyllis – A Positive Person and Happy Survivor

Providing services to 87-year-old Phyllis, both a breast cancer and COVID-19 survivor has been a pleasure for us at Allegiance Home Health!

Battling breast cancer was tough! Her therapies included radiation which caused lung and respiratory complications. With her lung compromised, her susceptibility to illness increased.

Early this past March, Phyllis felt sick with a cough and shortness of breath. Knowing the symptoms, she went to get tested for COVID-19. A few days later, she received the phone call from the testing center with the news, “I’m sorry to tell you you’re positive.”

Phyllis contacted Allegiance for help. She stayed strong, as it’s her nature! She insisted to stay home and not be hospitalized. While her journey has been difficult, she has gotten better and has since been tested twice- both negative for COVID-19!

Today Phyllis is feeling better every day and remains in her home. She has no plans to venture out, other than wanting a manicure and pedicure! Her Allegiance caregiver assists her with daily living activities, various other needs, running errands for her groceries, etc.

Phyllis has the help of her Allegiance caregiver who she says is “just wonderful”!

Thank you Phyllis for sharing your inspirational story. 

Allegiance Home Health would love to hear your COVID-19 success stories too! 

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