Ten Tips for Coping with the Holidays from Trustbridge

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – Give yourself permission to express your feelings (ex. it’s okay to cry)
  2. Seek support – Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others may be the best way to get through them
  3. Be realistic – Traditions may change over time; be flexible and open to creating new traditions
  4. Set differences aside – Be understanding and have compassion and empathy for each other; you’re not alone
  5. Stick to a budget – Create spending limits to avoid overspending and stick to the budget; get creative (ex. explore handmade gifts or making donations to charity)
  6. Plan ahead – Set aside specific days or times for holiday- centered activities; allow extra time for travel delays
  7. Learn to say “No” – Avoid feeling resentful and overwhelmed by only saying “yes” only to what you can do
  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits – Make room for healthy snacks and schedule time for exercise and proper amounts of sleep Never drink and drive!
  9. Take a breather – Dedicate 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to have peace and quiet; do whatever makes you HAPPY!
  10. Seek professional help – If sadness, anxiety, or loneliness persist, you may need to seek professional help and talk to your doctor

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